Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Children are important in our church. We see them as having the full potential of everything that God offers to all of us. Jesus took time to give children priority; so do we!

Our children's programs help kids learn to experience God in a real and tangible way. They learn Bible stories and truths and participate in a variety of age-appropriate activities. Our teachers and volunteers are trained and receive background checks, and we use a wonderful curriculum to guide instruction. We encourage parents to be actively involved in our Children's Ministry.

Our nursery is well-equipped to handle our youngest children. We have a separate, windowed room for sleeping babies, music to soothe their souls (and ours), stories to read to them, and adults who love little ones.

Toddler Room
Our toddler room has lots of toys and books for young children. A changing room gives them privacy when this is needed. We read to our toddlers, sing songs with them, pray with and for them, and teach some basic lessons about Jesus and life.

Our preschoolers (3 yrs to PreK) get more time to learn lessons from the Bible, do crafts that illustrate their lessons, sing together songs of worship to God, and become more involved in developing a prayer life at church and at home.

Elementary Aged Children
Our lower elementary aged children (K-3rd grade) learn more advanced lessons from the Bible, become more familiar with the lives of Bible characters, learn to experience God in a more personal way, and grow in their comfort with prayer to God for what they see in their lives. It is our passion for all our kids to experience God's life-changing love and extend it to others at their schools and homes and throughout their lives.

Our upper elementary aged children (4th & 5th) are a great group with highly committed teachers and volunteers. They love this age group! These youth are beginning to develop their own personalities, priorities, and life skills. They are forming an idea of who they want to be when they grow up and they get to learn more about what God can do to give them the strength and resolve to overcome upcoming teen challenges.

These children are about learning and doing. They get more comfortable with what the Bible teaches, who God is and how His power can be brought into their lives, and how to respond well to life issues. They work and play together so they can form a healthy peer group and culture. They serve together in the church and the community.

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