Our Story

How it all started...

In 1993, Rivertree Church, an Evangelical Presbyterian Church formed by Michael Worsham, became Raleigh Vineyard, a part of the Association of Vineyard Churches, a network of churches that have spread across the United States and the world, starting in the late 1970's. John Wimber became the early leader of the Vineyard in California and popularized our approach to doing life together centered on the kingdom of God. We worship in a natural, relaxed and 'come as you are' environment.  Like many Vineyard churches,  RV has met in various rented facilities over the years. In 2003, RV built and moved into our current location on Litchford Road. In 2012, Brian Metzger became the Lead Pastor of Raleigh Vineyard.

practicing what we preach...

We are all about experiencing and extending the life-changing love of God. Our story involves both expansion and contraction over the last 29 years as we have lived out that message. In the good times and the hard times we have sought to embody this vision by experiencing the presence of God in worship, prayer, service and sharing life together and extending what we've received with everyone through our food pantry, feeding hungry people, supporting efforts to relieve suffering in places like Ukraine, India and Haiti. We are table-setters, not gatekeepers and we make room for everyone who is hungry and thirsty for this practical, inexhaustible love from God. 

Where we are headed...

Building a Safe Place and Becoming Safe People
We are taking ongoing steps together for RV to be a safe place for all people to be true-faced, vulnerable and honest with one another. We are creating a safe place and becoming safe people with whom we can share our struggles and our joy, where we can know and be known.

Creating a Dangerous Place with God
We are nurturing a community that acknowledges and embraces God’s life-changing love. We are making space for the imminent presence of God to rearrange our lives, our priorities and our relationships. We will grow together in our pursuit of a God who is more interested in our transformation than He is our comfort.

Making an Open Table That Demonstrates Radical Grace and Social Justice
We will demonstrate the radical hospitality of God with the way we live with one another and our neighbor. We will practice radical grace that looks like Jesus and sounds like Jesus. We will stand against injustice and cry out together (with words and actions) for justice at home and beyond.

Living as Kingdom People Under our King, Jesus
We will orient our lives around the message and mission of the kingdom of God. We will submit our lives to the plans and purposes of Jesus. We will live the kingdom, trust the King and have a kingdom-shaped vision of our future.

Cultivating Holy Spirit Fruit and Power
We will cultivate an environment where the presence of the Spirit is welcome, transformation by the Spirit is sought, spiritual formation is our high value and the power of the Holy Spirit is practiced together and in our homes and in the streets.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10 am.