Worship Ministry at RV

In order to create worship environments that open the heart to God’s love in a give-and-receive posture, certain values shape our approach to gathered worship. Here are just a few:

We value intimacy with God, believing that making ourselves vulnerable to God’s Spirit as He has made Himself vulnerable to us (Phil. 2:5-11) is vital to knowing God as He desires to be known.
We value accessibility in our worship environments, seeking to create an open path for every person, of every age and background, to meet with God.
We value integrity in our worship lifestyle, desiring for our lives to match the lyrics we sing – whether they be about caring for the poor, loving our neighbor, or joining God in His work.
We value cultural connection in our worship styles, appreciating that sounds and forms of music provide a “bridge for the heart” for different generations and people groups.
We value Kingdom expectation in our approach to worship leadership, believing that as we respond to God in song, His Spirit is with us to heal, deliver, and set us free – in the midst of worship.
These and other values shape both the content and style of our worship times in local churches. We value spiritual gifts, creativity, diversity, healing, prophecy, caring for the poor, and other themes that all impact the way worship is uniquely expressed in our churches.

joining the Worship Ministry at RV

Each weekend at RV we spend time worshipping Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Musical expression is simply one way (among many) that we can do this together as a gathering of believers. When we do this we believe that the presence of God can become known to us in those very moments and profoundly experienced as our awareness increases. Music is a way to do this individually as well, but it can often be better together.

The Christian faith, historically speaking, has always been a “singing faith”. We choose our worship songs from a diverse collection of modern worship songs, ancient hymns, as well as original songs penned by various songwriters within the Raleigh Vineyard church family. We sing TO God directly at times through intimate expressions and musical language but we also sing ABOUT God in declarations of His worthiness, attributes and wonderful deeds. The musical genres we explore together are directly informed by the diversity represented in our congregation. These musical expressions are seen as ways to include, unify, and celebrate the beautiful diversity in the kingdom of God we’ve come to know here at RV.

Our Worship Ministry includes skilled volunteer teams of worship leaders, musicians, sound technicians, and media operators. Each service these teams are scheduled to prepare and serve skillfully in facilitating our gathered worship with the support of music and media.* If you are interested and would like to become involved in the area(s) of music, sound, or media, please contact our worship pastor, Jason Phillips. He will be happy to meet with you and discuss the opportunities available to you. You can reach him at jason@raleighvineyard.org.

"Worship, in our understanding of the Gospel, is to overflow in mission. We are committed to an understanding of worship that recognizes that we meet with God within the four walls of our churches to remember our calling, be healed in His presence, and offer God the praise that is due Him. Yet that experience also trains our hearts to express Jesus’ love to a waiting world."

- Vineyard