Sankofa Ghana

Interest Form

As you consider this experience, please be aware of these details:
  1.  The potential cost for the entire trip with comprehensive accommodations is $5000.00 per person. There will be a payment schedule that will help with budget for the experience.
  2. Vaccines are required (e.g., malaria & yellow fever vaccine).
  3. A passport is required, planning in advance is recommended.
  4. A visa is required, planning in advance is recommended.
  5. Please note the different types of sites that may be involved within the experience:
    • Castles where Africans were brought to be shipped for the slave trade
    • Churches
    • Community Events
    • Museums
By adding your name to the email list, you are only saying that you are interested in getting more information. You are not committing to going on Sankofa: Ghana at this point.